LumberJack Birthday Party

My son celebrated his first birthday at the beginning of the month.  It was so much fun.  I chose a lumberjack theme just because I love it!  Let’s be honest, first birthdays are all about us Mommas!  It could be the ONLY party I get to pick the theme on!  My husband and other family members are beard lovers so it just fit perfectly with us.

blog11I wanted to feed guests a meal because we had some that were traveling in for the party.  I debated a while between a chili bar or a pancake bar.  The party was at 11am so I thought either would work.  With a chili bar I could cook it the night before and not have to mess with it the day of… Pancakes I’d have to make the morning of as guests were arriving.  I had decided on Chili when my husband insisted on pancakes… and said he would make them!  Pancakes it is!

blog15I thought a build-your-own S’mores Bar would be fun too!  I originally was going to do the roasting flame with a small chafing warmer like you have probably seen on pinterest boards.  I was going to take a large can and decorate it with twigs and set it on top. In the end I decided to borrow my father-in-laws Coleman grill.  It fit the theme, looked adorable as decor, and the functionality was spot on!  I also had “recipes” I was going to make and hang on the wall behind the bar, but I ran out of time/energy!  haha

blog14We also had a Trail Mix Bar (I know.. Pancake Bar, S’mores Bar, Trail Mix Bar…. that’s ALOT of bars!) It was probably the most difficult to put together.  Although, it may have been me MAKING it difficult.  It can get really expensive if you let it!  To set it up, I collected various buckets, jars, baskets, scoops and tongs!  We had these cute little take home bags so guests could take home their custom trail mix.  We also had little cups so they could snack on their trail mix while socializing.

blog13At our “Wet your Whiskers” station, we served apple juice, chocolate milk, milk and water.   We also had syrups for mixing strawberry milk. (Strawberry milk is our oldest son’s favorite!)  My original plan was to also have chocolate syrup for mixing, but the husband wanted to have a particular type of chocolate like… meh, not worth the argument!  haha  My original idea was to have a hot chocolate bar… but I decided it was just going to be another added expense and another “BAR” that I didn’t need!

blog6Our centerpieces were fairly simple… I used buffalo plaid wrapping paper to add color.  A small pine tree was sitting on top of a wooden slice.  Around the wooden slice I made little camp fires using baby food jars, modpodged tissue paper, and a flicker battery tea light.
Pennants were hung from the ceiling to “fill” the room.  There were 9 rows, each 32 feet long, with 31 pennants on each strand.  I often use these in multiple colors/themes when decorating this room because it really does fill a big room!

We collect Christmas Trees and used them for decor throughout the room… I bunched several behind a bench that would serve as my photo booth background.

blogA last minute addition to our even was our picture fence.  We used a fence section and strung twine back and forth with a staple gun.  Wooden clothes pins were the perfect accent to hang the pictures with.  So easy (actually did this in 15 mins!)

That’s pretty much an overview of the party!  If you’d like additional information about where items were purchased, how I made something, or any thing else… I’d LOVE to hear from you and answer any questions you have! Shoot me an e-mail at



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